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Get moRe HNWi leads with woRld-class Content

More high-net-worth individuals than ever are seeking a second residency and citizenship.

We make sure your RCBI company, investment migration business, or immigration law firm reaches them first.

With an omni-channel content strategy, your firm will stand out from the competition.

Social media marketing


Video marketing




Email marketing


IndustRy leadeRs tRust us

We know how “content creation” sounds. Time-consuming and low-ROI.

But 81% of individuals want more content from trusted sources like you. It’s 2024! If you don’t have a voice on social media and a helpful website, you’re falling behind the competition.

With our signature approach (it’s called the Content Cascade), your content strategy will be faster and, more importantly, more effective than ever before.

But don’t ask us – Here’s a client’s perspective:


With their unique approach, we’ve crafted a Content Cascade customized to our goals that generates more leads, converts prospects, and helps new and current clients see and understand the value we bring.

David, CEO

Why MigRant MaRketing?

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Migrant Marketing

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Fastest content turnaround in industry

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Omni-channel marketing strategy

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Robust approvals before publication

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Human-written and verified content

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Results to prove our content works

Digital natives

The other guys

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Wait months before content is ready

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Limited, narrow strategy

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Publish content before your approval

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AI-written and unverified content

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No results or positive outcomes

You’re top 1% at what you do. Only the best of the best seek to grow with modern tactics like content marketing. Your expertise deserves more attention – and more clients.

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our content seRvices

Getting more traffic. Generating more leads. Converting more sales.

Those are the goals. But how? Well, that’s up to you.

An omnichannel approach truly engages, attracts, and converts prospects to clients.

Social media marketing

Engaging social media content

As digital natives ourselves, we know the social media tricks other firms don’t. By informing and engaging your audience, you’ll grow faster than you believe possible. 

Video marketing

Long- & short-form videos

A new generation of global citizens demands a new wave of marketing strategy. Stand out from your competition with long- and short-form video for all platforms.


SEO-optimized blog articles

We drive and attract traffic to your website. How? Search engine optimization. We make certain Google identifies your website content as leading RCBI expertise.

Email marketing

Sales-first email marketing

When talking about high-ROI marketing strategy, it’s impossible not to bring up email. That’s why we’ve made our informative email newsletters top-of-class in the RCBI industry.

How does it work?



We’ll discuss your sales and marketing KPIs, where you want to grow your audience, your content history, and your goals in working with our content team.


Get a custom Content Cascade for your goals

Migrant Marketing creates your long-form and repurposed content. You’re notified to review it. We edit it with your feedback and comments in mind. And you approve and publish it. Simple.

What’s the Content Cascade?


Grow your audience & sales pipeline

Every month, we meet for just one hour. Yes, seriously. We’ll review previous content, adjust our strategy based on the data, reflect on our KPIs, and plan next month’s content.

Introducing ...

The content cascade

Here’s a glance at our trademark omnichannel content system designed to quickly increase your brand awareness and sales revenue. This is how Migrant Marketing creates more high-converting content than any other content agency:


Content creation

We take a data-oriented approach at Migrant Marketing. So every month begins with keyword research and an evaluation of your website’s traffic.

With that data in tow, we write long-form, SEO-optimized articles that will capture traffic from Google and, of course, resonate with your audience.

Content creation
Content approvals


Content approval

We never publish content without your expressed consent. As such, we need your approval of the long-form articles in order to advance to the next, most important stage of the Content Cascade – content repurposing.


Content repurposing

In most of our monthly plans, Migrant Marketing writes four long-form articles for our clients.

Using the Content Cascade repurposing method, we can turn those four articles into the following:

  • 4 long-form videos
  • 4 email newsletters
  • 4 carousels or galleries
  • 4 threads or long-form posts
  • 16-20 short-form videos
  • 25+ photos for social posts
  • 80+ individual social posts

All that’s left to do is press publish.

Content repurposing

pick the Right plan foR you

Tier 0




✓ 1 SEO-optimized blog
✓ 1 long-form video & clips
20 social posts


✓ Quick turnaround
✓ Custom content cascade
✓ Same-day communication

Tier 1



Everything in Tier 0, plus …


✓ 4 SEO-optimized blogs
✓ 4 long-form videos & clips
100+ social posts


✓ Monthly strategy calls

Tier 2



Everything in Tier 1, plus …


✓ 4 weekly email newsletters


✓ Weekly standups
✓ Management of all social accounts
✓ SEO, data, traffic & competitor analysis

To inquire about pricing, schedule a consult. All plans require at least a 2-month commitment up front. Paid monthly. Cancel anytime.

Wall of love


I wanted to express my gratitude for the work they’ve done. Their writing and ideas have been instrumental in helping us become more consistent with publishing. This is when his services really benefitted me most. I think Migrant Marketing’s offering is super valuable.

Corina, CEO


Migrant Marketing was with us every step of the way – coaching and guiding us through our website redesign with everything from strategy to content.

Andrew, VP

Migrant Marketing exceeded our expectations. They provided us content education and the Content Cascade to succeed – and helped us to clarify our mission, goals and target market.

Jill, CEO

Our engagement went beyond the nuts and bolts of creating a website – but included the philosophy and strategy as well.

Megan, VP

I appreciate all the great work Migrant Marketing has done so far. I was just talking with my mom about how great the work is.

Jennifer, Founder

AttRact clients on autopilot


Migrant Marketing is so productive. The Linkedin and Instagram content is especially good. I’m overwhelmed with the volume.

Bryan, CEO